Last month (December 2014) I recieved a product in the mail I’m finally getting around to talking about called BurnBox. This box is a monthly subscription service dedicated to delivering all your smoking needs directly to your doorstep in a nice, discreetly packaged envelope.

Find out what I got in last month’s BurnBox below, as well as if it’s worth your actual money or not.

If you don’t want to click below, the short answer is yes, BurnBox is definitely worth subscribing to.

Monthly subscription boxes are already becoming an oversaturated market. It’s hard to tell which ones are actually worth your hard earned cash, as opposed to being solely stuffed with cheap trinkets and bullshit. Subscription boxes for smokers are rising, with 420 Goody Box, Cannabox, and Kush Cargo being competitors for BurnBox.

But even though BurnBox has its competitors, it seems to stick to its solidified script of providing smoker’s with smoking stuff. Rather than offering “munchies” or a guaranteed price-range for each box the company sends out, they vow to provide “high quality smoking accessories”. That’s really it.

I was surprised when I opened my box – the company definitely does deliver. If you’re not looking for a box subscription and you’re wanting to buy your accessories as and when you need them, you can look into online shops like WorldOfGlassPipes. Here’s what I got inside:

The box I was sent is a combination of their “Keep it rollin'” box which is $20 for papers and accessories, and their “Stay Glassy” box which goes for $25 and typically revolves around glass tools. The box I received values at $30 on BurnBox’s site. Honestly, with the amazing steamroller I got from Glowfly Glass, I can say that the glass makes this box worth it alone. If you’re an avid toker, but you’re wanting to reap the benefits of the medicinal CBD compound without getting stoned, you could try purchasing oils, perhaps from CBDOilsUK.com.

If you look at it that way, you can even take it a bit further and say the glass piece I got was $20-$25 and everything else included was a stack of bonuses that retails over $30. So yeah, you could say this box was worth it.

There’s no monthly theme with BurnBox, which is actually somewhat of a relief. Everything I got inside December’s box was pretty legit and literally only catered to my need for smoking. Although this type of smoking isn’t for everyone and some people prefer vaping, if this is you then I heard www.gourmeteliquid.co.uk provide some amazing flavours for your vape.

The Formula 420 Smog Out spray is definitely something I’ve been using like crazy on my clothing after smoking. The Raw King-sized cone papers were a neat surprise since I’ve always wanted to try them out, but I’ve never actually purchased them. Also, an additional new experience is the hemp wick by Hippies. I’ve never used a wick while smoking and now I can say I won’t have it any other way. The roach clip was a cool add-on that I gave away to a buddy of mine (I don’t often smoke joints), along with the Rips papers (I can’t roll joints, hence why I don’t smoke them). I was also pretty impressed with the pipe. I have been thinking about purchasing a new pipe for some time now and have been doing some research online to help me find the best one. If you are considering investing in a new water pipe, you can Click here to read more. When it comes to finding the right water pipe for you there are so many exciting makes and models out there. Doing your own research is therefore fundamental.

Overall, I’d say the quality of BurnBox is substantial and the subscription service is definitely worth your money, granted, you may want to go for their “super box” package which includes both papers and glass accessories. Also adding to the coolness of BurnBox: the company donates a bit of money to NORML (National Organization for the Reform of Marijuana Laws), who advocate for legal reform and for consumers to have safe, convenient and affordable access to cannabis. A killer-box that supports a killer-cause. I’m looking forward to seeing what future boxes the company has in-store for the smoking consumer.