I can frequently be found using my computer in bed. After all, my bed is my favourite place to be. But one thing that I absolutely hate is laying on my belly while using a pillow for leverage to type on my computer, and I’m sure the majority of you reading this post right now hate it as well. I thought about trying to solve this problem by purchasing an adjustable bed, which would have allowed me to lay in bed but at an angle which is suitable for using a computer. If you are interested in buying one yourself, there are reviews of adjustable beds if you follow the link. However, I decided it wouldn’t be right for me as I’d still have the issue of the computer being on my belly.

However, there is now a solution to this problem! Thanks to Japanese gadget creators Thanko, The Super Gorone Desk is here to solve all of your bedroom computer usage problems. The desk is meant to adjust to suit your computer needs, whether you’re kneeling down or you’re lying on your back in bed. Perhaps even more impressively, it even comes with a fan to cool down your computer as you use it. Anyone who regularly uses a computer in bed will understand how easy it is for it to overheat when it is resting on the duvet or mattress. People really need to be more careful when they notice their computer overheating on the mattress. This could cause problems to the computer and even the mattress. If the mattress is starting to look a little worn anyway, it might be worth changing it for the Best Mattress 2021. This should make the bed more comfortable for those who do enjoy spending their time in bed. Obviously, some people will be unable to purchase a new bed, so perhaps a new mattress will do a similar job.

This desk is sure to be popular, particularly amongst kids and teenagers who spend a lot of their time on computers and similar devices in their bedroom. This would be the perfect gift to treat your child to. Heck, whilst you’re at it, you may even want to buy them a new bed as well, to aid the use of this bed desk and to give their bedroom a complete overhaul. Fashion Database compiled a big list of popular bed frames, if you don’t know what to start your search. Just be careful you may struggle to get your teenagers to leave their bedroom even more!

Grab one from Japan Trend Shop for $120. Peep a video of the desk action below.

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