So Nerd Block does this monthly subscription service where they send a box full of random nerdy things to people who sign up for it. Unlike other subscription services, they’ve got a pretty big array of boxes to choose from that exclusively deal with a specific subculture in nerdom, such as Arcade Block, which that dabbles solely in video games, and their Nerd Block Jr. boxes, which dedicated to giving nerdy things to kids aged 6-11, boy or girl.

Well I got a Horror Block last month, which as you can probably tell packs a slew of cool horror-related stuff inside of a decorated box. It’s pretty rad! Read below to see what I got inside of my December Horror Block, as well as retail value on some of the items, and if the service is actually worth a subscription.

Every Horror Block promises to contain a custom t-shirt (they ask you for your size) and 5-6 items for your enjoyment. Of course, all items pertain to horror in some way and there’s a possibility you might get something you already own or something you don’t want, but that’s the fun and risk of subscription boxes in the first place. That, and finding out if you’re getting your money’s worth.

I definitely got at the very least $20 of value in my box with two of the items I received alone. Here’s what I got:

The way I see it is this: A combination of three out of the six things I received value up to $20 alone. The rest is all kind of a bonus.

Rue Morgue goes on newsstands at $10 an issue, so off the bat that’s already half of what the box costs, which is $20. Funko Pop! figures retail at around $11-$12, so that’s the remaining cost. The Shining t-shirt must’ve been $7-$9 to create (They’re printed on Gildan SoftStyle, and those are pretty cheap shirts. I know, I make shirts.). The rest is all kind of promotional or cool novelty add-ons.

I mean, I wouldn’t actually buy hand sanitizer (don’t judge me). If I did get Hand Sanitizer, I would probably get it somewhere else too. I’ve needed a mousepad for a while, but I never wanted to actually buy one. I don’t think I needed or wanted a squeeze toy, though. But all of these things were cool add-ons that if given to me, I’ll definitely take them. Horror Block really beefed the box up with these little trinkets.

So yeah, December’s box was pretty rad and I definitely believe Horror Block is worth subscribing to. If not on a regular basis, I think at least the occasion month would be a nice treat for yourself or a gift for another. You can’t really go wrong at that kind of pricing.