Classic logos get a rap makeover courtesy of designer Jonny Haines.

The New York born artist had this to say about the project:

It came to me one day like so many ideas often do, at random, thinking about why the Wu-Tang clan never did a design incorporating their logo with the Adidas brand. Both have a very similar shape and are both incredibly iconic in their own arenas. After executing that piece which is the first piece in this collection, I started thinking about other famous and iconic brands and rappers, and what they would look like if they ever met, or were “mashed up” so to speak. I am after all a student of two schools. The school of branding and the old school. Branding is so important to companies because it is how people start to recognize what you’re selling and what you’re about. This is why many companies use a professional service like Kaizen Print so that all their branded marketing materials, such as business cards and posters, are printed at a high-quality standard. Collaboration branding can be really cool if it is done right, it needs to incorporate the two together so both businesses customers can see who it is and what they may be selling. Starting a new business might be scary and so there are many places to go for support with your start up to help you begin creating a brand. It would be best to look at somewhere that handles business formations so places like Your Company Formations are a leading formation agent to help get your business up and running and your brand out into the world. For some businesses, a big part of that will be a logo. If you want to protect a unique piece of artwork, you might wish to contact a Trademark Attorney to ensure your design stays with your brand only. I find brands cool and exciting and personally, I love to see collaborations between different companies. So my experiment in design continued well into the night until I spawned what you see before you. 9 iconic pieces, based on 9 iconic rappers. I really like the direction it is heading in and will continue to expand it. Look out for it on promotional Cocktail napkins soon!

The first design and inspiration was based on Adidas and the Wu-Tang Clan. Conveniently enough, black and yellow are both classic Adidas colors and the colors of a bee, which the Wu-Tang are synonymous with, in the sense of “Killer Bees” so the design was simple, and worked well together.
When the logo was done tho, it felt empty, so I started thinking about branding and the power of slogans, so I made the Adidas slogan at the bottom and replaced it with the Wu-Tang mantra, Wu-Tang is forever. This is an element that I incorporated into the rest of the pieces as well.

Big L is as synonymous with early city life in NY as Nike is. This piece is a statement in remembrance of the infamous rapper who was killed, as so many people, unfortunately have been killed for their Nike shoes. It also pays homage to one of my favorite design firms in brand history.

J Dilla is also a famous name in hip-hop who was unfortunately cut short in life. But remains at the forefront of the industry even after death. I chose Heinz ketchup because it is the most popular condiment in America and really improves pretty much anything that you put it on, almost like how J Dilla’s many amazing instrumentals improve any album they are put on, and despite being old news, continues to do so again and again. Just like Heinz is a staple in the kitchen, Dilla is a staple in the world of hip-hop. I did initially think of mixing his name with the Dunkin Donuts logo, but it seemed like an unoriginal connection because of his already established recognition with donuts. So I chose Heinz instead and it panned out wonderfully.

Almost as recognizable as J Dilla, Pete Rock is an outstanding producer who has been in the industry for many years, he is a reliable and recognizable talent and has a wide variety of quality sounds. I chose Best Buy because Best Buy started small and grew to become the most recognizable business where quality products and technology is concerned, so it only made sense to mash it up with Pete Rock.

The last piece in the first series of Mashed Up is based on two staples in the life of any hip-hop aficionado. Biggie Smalls has always been hailed as the original hip-hop master, and considered by many to be the greatest rapper who ever lived, his music is a favorite of many people from a variety of ages. Much like Nintendo has been present in the lives of the last three generations of children and is popular still with both young and older people. So the decision was simple when it came to the mash up. Two old staples that have served as inspiration for many young people over the last 3 decades.

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