Luxury geekwear brand and crowdfunded fashion empire Gametee has created what they’re describing as “the world’s finest gaming wallet” featuring one of the most recognizable symbols in gaming – the Trifoce from the Legend of Zelda series, but they’re referring to it as “the copyright-free ancient Japanese THREE-SCALES symbol” for obvious (and wise) reasons. Made from Luxury Grade-1 Italian leather that has been ethically sourced, this minimalist leather wallet is sophisticated, subtle, and just plain fancy.

Gametee came to fruition through the power of Kickstarter, so they’ve taken this project to the crowdfunding site as well. So far £21,086 ($31,466) has been pledged toward the £5,000 ($7,461) goal and there’s still 24 days to go at the time of this writing. There’s plenty of rad incentives like t-shirts and art prints, and you only have to donate £25 ($37) to get the wallet itself which ship June 2015. Head on over to Kickstarter and show this project some love.