Howard the Duck #1, Spider-Gwen #2, and Thor #6 are just a few of this week’s picks. There were zero DC or indie titles on my pull this week, so it’s all Marvel, baby! Does Howard the Duck look as good in comic pages as he did on screen in Guardians of the Galaxy? Will we finally learn who the new Thor is? Will Spider-Gwen ever not be good? Read on and find out for yourself!


A whole new generation was introduced to Howard the Duck when he showed up in the post-credits for Guardians of the Galaxy and now he’s back with his own book! As a private investigator sharing an office building with She-Hulk, Howard gets hired by someone who found out about him while watching a movie to retrieve an item stolen by Black Cat. Solid  jokes, meta humor, and one of the weirdest Marvel characters ever make this a fun read.


Six issues in and this issue teases that we might FINALLY find out who the new Thor is! I won’t spoil it, but there’s a pretty fun moment involving Thor, Agent Coulson, and a goat.


I loved issue #1 (check out my review!), but I’m calling it: this is the best Spider-Gwen issue yet! Okay, so it’s only the second issue, but technically Edge of Spider-Verse #2. In this issue, Gwen teams up with one of her team-mates from her adventures in the Spider-Verse event and it’s my new favorite BFF team in comics. I’ll give you a hint who Gwen’s new partner-in-crime is: He’s made of bacon. Yeah, this book is freaking awesome. Sidenote: If Spider-Gwen ever gets an additional title, it should be The Fluorescent Spider-Gwen because the colors in this book are just plain wild.

All New X-Men 37 Cover


Okay, I’ll be completely honest: I don’t read X-Men books and this is only in my pull list because I’m keeping up with the X-Men and Guardians of the Galaxy crossover event Black Vortex, but it’s one of those dumb crossovers that isn’t its own series – it’s spread across multiple titles. I just added all the titles to my pull list and this was one of them, but this issue isn’t part of Black Vortex. It’s not a total loss though because the art is pretty nice.
amazing spider man special 1 2015 inhumans


Spidey is cool and all, but the new Inhuman series has been pretty awesome so far, so it’s cool to see the Inhumans mix it up with the rest of the Marvel Universe every now and then.



The Guardians/X-Men team-up that IS ABSOLUTELY NOT Black Vortex which is an entirely separate Guardians/X-Men team-up. Comics are confusing.



Nova went from not even being a blip on my radar to one of my favorite Marvel titles. It started with the Nova story in Original Sin #0, but I really got into the series during AXIS when Hulk raged out  and beat the snot out of Nova in his own comic. This art style is

marvel-star-wars-3-coverSTAR WARS #3

This series has been fantastic so far. Go check out my video review of issue #1 to watch me gush about it, then read it for yourself. If you’re a fan of the original trilogy, you won’t be disappointed.

That’s what I’m reading this week. Let me know what you’re reading in the comments. I kind of jumped the shark from indie stuff to hardcore Marvel fanboy. Any new indie titles coming out that I should check out?