The Simpsons Tattoo Instagram is something all users absolutely need to follow. The IG account reposts incredible tattoos revolving around The Simpsons, chock full of heavy details and references to specific episodes of the legendary comedy show. The account also refuses to post awful tattoos, so all that’s available to gawk over are beautifully crafted skin portraits.

As a fan of The Simpsons myself, it’s damn sweet to see so many people picking their favorite characters and quotes from the show to permanently carve into their body. The account is also inspiring me to get finally get an Itchy and Scratchy tattoo sometime in the near future. If all goes right, hopefully the beautiful canons I call my calves will be featured on The Simpsons Tattoo as well.

Check some of the photos from the account down below and follow The Simpsons Tattoo on Instagram.

Simpsons Tattoo
Lenny Carl Simpsons Tattoo
I Choose You Simpsons tattoo
Poochie D Simpsons Tattoo
Ralph Tattoo
Homer Rules Tattoo
Lard Lad Tattoo
Simpsons Butt Tattoo

[via Dangerous Minds]