Leonard (Martin StarrFreaks and Geeks, Silicon Valley) is a man trapped in slow motion struggling to keep up with the rest of the world and he’s about to break free. The nine-minute short film released earlier this year uses interesting cinematography techniques to tell a touching story involving one of the coolest puking scenes ever.

On coming up with the concept behind the short, director Pete Livolsi tells Vice, “What if one of the Reservoir Dogs was still walking in slow motion after Tarantino called cut? Everyone would break for lunch and Mr. White would be left all alone. Suddenly, slow-mo wouldn’t be such a badass thing.”

When it comes to combining Leonard’s slow motion with the rest of the cast who move at regular speed, Livolsi explains, “We basically shot three versions of the film. One for Leonard, filming him around 96 to 300 frames per second depending on how much movement was in his action. One for all his counterparts, at 24 frames per second. And one “clean plate” version of the film with completely empty sets. For the coffee, water balloon, and Shox vomit, we shot an additional layer at speeds ranging from 800 to 1200 frames per second using a high speed Phantom camera.”

Can we all just take a sec to appreciate the term Shox vomit?

During filming, the regular speed actors and Martin all acted to tennis balls since they never actually shared scenes on camera. As far as acting in slow motion, Martin had to act much faster than normal, sort of how slow motion sequences to music videos are shot to a sped-up version of the song so that the lip-syncing matches up.

Patiently waiting for some indie video game developer to turn this concept into a sweet retro 8-bit sidescroller.