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So this was kind of a big week for me, haul-wise. As is the case with most of my weekly hauls, this one is predominantly Marvel. What can I say? I was pulled in hard by last summer’s Original Sin and it doesn’t seem like I’ll be escaping the Marvel vortex any time soon. Speaking of vortexes…



I’m about a week or two on the whole Black Vortex saga, but I’m digging what I’ve read so far. Long story short: Star-Lord’s dad is a criminal scumbag who stole this weird ancient mirror-looking thing called the Black Vortex.  When someone steps through the Black Vortex, it transforms them into the ultimate version of themselves with upgraded strength and smarts. Kind of like maxing out an RPG character, but cheaty and dangerous. The Black Vortex series revolves around the Guardians of the Galaxy and the X-Men, but Captain marvel and Nova are also key players.

No clue why Gamora and Magik are swashbuckling on this cover, but I’m feeling it.



So yeah… kind of a big week for this Black Vortex thing with three chapters dropping at once. Looks like Nova swiped the Black Vortex and is hiding out with it on a tiny little meteor because that’s probably the last place anyone would look. Nova is one of those weird Marvel characters who’s always been relatively obscure to me, but they’ve sort of brought the character to the forefront of the Marvel Universe in recent years, only the current Nova is a teenager. I’ve been keeping up with it on and off and I’m always pleased. David Baldeon’s art is pretty ballin’ too. Super crispy thick lines, bold, animated expressions, and lots of pretty outer space backgrounds littered with shimmering stardust. I really need to catch up on this series.



The colors on this cover are crazy sick. I haven’t read a single issue of Legendary Star-Lord before, so I guess we’ll see how it goes. Looks like Marvel doesn’t give a poot about spoilers because Nova had the Black Vortex on the cover of his comic, and now Star-Lord has it on the cover of his. So now I’m totally going to be waiting for Star-Lord to take it at some point when I read Nova!!! #comicnerdproblems

Kinda’ sucks how Marvel is spreading this event across different books instead of just making it its own thing. If you’re a pull-list person like myself, the only way for most comic shops to add Black Vortex to your pull is to add all the individual titles to your pull, and then just cancel as soon as you stop seeing the Black Vortex banner at the top of each issue. Super dumb.



So let me tell you guys about how I’m slacking on some comics right now. I got a variant cover and a regular cover for Darth Vader #1, picked up Darth Vader #2 and all the issues of Princess Leia that are out right now. Haven’t read a single damn one. I also think I have an issue of the Star Wars comic to catch up on. Too much stuff, man! (Also, Too Much Stuff Man is my new superhero name. Claiming it now.)

Not really feeling this steampunk faux hipster chick on the cover. Her design reflects current trends and cosplay fashion way too much to fit in with the Star Wars aesthetic.



I honestly had no idea I’d be into this book as much as I am. I only planned on reading the first few issues drawn by Joe Madureira and then scrapping it from my list, but it’s too damn fun! Remember the first time you discovered X-Men as a kid and a world filled with all sorts of awesome new characters with crazy-ass powers? That’s how reading Inhuman feels thanks to all the new characters it introduces to the Marvel Universe.

Each issue is a perfectly bite-sized little single serving of superpowered fun, but it’s easy to jump into without knowing anything. There’s definitely an overarching story that carries over between issues, but Inhuman has a nice “problem-of-the-week” hook to it that it lends itself well to just picking up a random issue and getting some enjoyment out of it. Reading this episode will also make you appreciate the current season of Marvel’s Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D way more.

We’re thirteen issues in and judging by the cover, it looks like a full team has finally been assembled below of all-new characters, with classics like Medusa and Black bolt above.



If you were fortunate enough to be a kid in the ’80s, then you probably remember Jem and the Holograms. Jem was kind of like Barbie’s edgier sister. She had a cartoon that was the girl equivalent of G.I. Joe or The Real Ghostbusters and a Barbie-esque doll line with light-up earrings as the main selling point. The only thing I can remember about the cartoon is an episode about Jem or one of her friends being hooked on pills. No joke. I doubt things will get that heavy in the new comic by IDW, but who knows. Sadly, the artwork inside doesn’t live up to the awesome cover. Pretty much just got this for the lulz and nostalgia factor.



Gotham Academy has some of the best art that DC Comics has to offer at the moment. The story takes place at a private prep school in Gotham City where weird shit seems to always be going don and Killer Croc lives in the walls as an escaped Arkham Asylum inmate. There’s also character named Maps who is an adorable tabletop RPG nerd, so each issue has at least one Dungeons and Dragons reference.



This book seems to always show up randomly in a pile of far better books each month and I’ve been meaning to take it off my pull list for a while. It started off strong, but petered out after about issue five or six. The concept is great: S.H.I.E.L.D. Director Maria Hill has a secret team of Avengers doing not-so-ethical espionage stuff. The team consists of Nick Fury (The Samuel L. Jackson-looking one from another dimension), Black Widow, Spider-Woman, Agent Phil Coulson, and somehow Hawkeye invited himself into the group. Known supervillain M.O.D.O.K. is also part of the team doing scienc-y evil genius stuff, but Maria is keeping it a secret from the other members.

Some crazy shit has gone down in this book: Agent Coulson gets PTSD, Nick Fury has acid flung into his face via a trap left by Coulson after he ditched the team to figure his life out, Spider-Woman named friends with a sentient bomb programmed to destroy the world, so she spends most of her time keeping his mind off the fact that he’s programmed for suicide. Oh, and Deadpool showed up at some point and now everyone’s just sort of stuck with him.

Even with all the zaniness of this book, it just sort of began to fall flat for me at some point and I can’t really put my finger on why. It also has the absolute worst art from a major pulisher that I’ve ever seen. The covers that Tradd Moore has been doing for these since issue #1 are fresh as ever, though.

So it looks like I have a lot to read this week, but that’s nothing compared to this stack of unread comics that I’ve slowly been accumulating over the past month or two.


See that stack in the back? Yeah, I’m gonna’ try to conquer that this weekend, but probably not.

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I’m kind of wishing I’d been reading Avengers and Avengers World these past few months so that I can know more about what’s going on when Secret Wars finally happens. Any DC fans in the house? How does it feel to like inferior comics? KIDDING! What’s good in the DC world? Seriously, tell me what’s good because I don’t know Jack about DC, but I’d like to!