Here’s an odd biopic idea: Let’s follow Kevin Smith during his early career start in 1994 and tell the tale of how the original Clerks movie came to be. If you’ve purchased Clerks X on DVD, you might already know how the film was created thanks to the third disc of the collector’s set holding the “Snowball Effect” documentary. Now, there’s less of a documentary and more of a biopic on the way thanks to Christopher Downie, Brett Murray and Felix Kay, who failed to find crowdfunding with their film Shooting Clerks last year on Indiegogo, yet still are managing to pursue create this biopic.

Kevin Smith has expressed interest in Shooting Clerks and even makes a small cameo in the film. The final product is rumored to premiere at the Toronto International Film Festival this September, but until then, take a view of the movie’s teaser trailer up top in the player. You can also follow the crew on Twitter to keep track of the film’s process.

[via CinemaBlend]