Quantum Break, the next release from Remedy Entertainment, is set for a 2016 release date. Originally, the game was slated for late 2015, but Microsoft Studios has pushed the release back to avoid clashing with other Xbox One exclusive title releases. Remedy, the studio behind beloved titles Max Payne and Alan Wake, thanks their fans for their patience and will be using the extra time to add extra polish and fine-tuning to the game.

The game is a third person action-shooter with an added twist of time manipulation. One of the protagonists can stop time (a feature shown in the gameplay video above) which adds for some unique gameplay experiences and some really beautiful scenes. Alternately, you are given the ability to control certain decisions of the antagonist, Paul Serene. Serene has the ability to see into the future and at different possible outcomes. It’s been equated to playing chess with yourself. Remedy consulted with a CERN scientist while writing to ensure the storyline followed all known laws of theoretical physics so we should be looking forward to quite a developed storyline.

There’s an interesting twist added into the storyline aspect of the game. The game will ship with episode 1 of a live-action episodic TV show. The Remedy team has said that the way you play the game will impact the show and the show informs how you play the game. It’s still unclear exactly how these will be integrated, but it’s a unique concept to say the least.

Quantum Break is set to release early 2016 as an Xbox One exclusive title.