[Video Review] 'SECRET WARS' #1
Pretty okay kick-off to an epic event, but a lot of it hinges on the fact that you have some knowledge of what's been going on in various Avengers titles for last eight or so months.
Dr. Doom
  • Epic art that captures the size and scope of a world-ending event series.
  • Dr. Doom is the only one with enough balls to confront God about the fact that he totally let two entire universes get destroyed.
  • Ends on a pretty intense note that will leave you wanting more.
  • Some horrendously drawn faces.
  • Kind of a lot for new readers to grab onto.
  • The Marvel Universe is dead, man!!! Rocket Raccoon also gets his chest impaled by a giant laser beam which is kind of a bummer too.
4.1Overall Score
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The Marvel Universe: 1961 – 2015.

Marvel‘s primary universe (referred to as the 626 Universe) and the Ultimates universe (1610) are on a crash course for war and total annihilation. This is the beginning of the end and it all starts here!

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