Beijing artist Bi Heng created this incredible 20-foot sculpture of an Iron Man suit being strapped on to a panda. The structure resides in Shenyang, Liaoning province of China, and stands 20-feet high and 23-feet wide. Although the idea of an Iron Man Panda is pretty damn great, the message of the piece is deeper than its surface.

Bi Heing says that his statue “is [a] symbol of high technology overriding natural hegemonic in western countries.” Here, Iron Man represents human technological advancement, and the frowning panda trapped in its suit is the lack of preservation of nature through mankind’s progress. Check out more photos of the Iron Panda below.

Superhero Iron Panda 2 Superhero Iron Panda Super Hero Panda 3 Superhero Iron Panda 4

2 Responses

  1. Daisy

    Really Western countries. And over half of the worlds population resides in China.

  2. brownkidd

    That panda doesn’t look like he’s frowning. That’s the face of a cold-blooded killer hellbent on revenge.