Mondotees Mad Max Poster by Killian Eng Mad Max Poster by Killian Eng

Mondotees released two screen-printed posters by artists Killian Eng and Boneface in conjunction with the film’s release and they look awesome. Unfortunately, the posters sold out almost immediately, but the double LP of the film’s soundtrack, also designed by Boneface, is still up for grabs. Mad Max: Fury Road just opened in theaters and has a critic rating of 98%. Check out the trailer here. Mad Max Poster by Boneface Mad Max Poster by Boneface

The double LP, composed by Tom Holkenborg (aka Junkie XL), comes with 2 interchangeable inserts (Max, himself, and the film’s main baddie Immortan Joe). Grab the vinyl while it’s still available ($35).


Mad Max Vinyl - Back

Mad Max Vinyl – Back