The good folks over at Lifehack have found three essential sushi-related infographics that introduce the art of eating the food to beginners, as well as the proper way to eat a sushi meal, and terminology for when you’re at an authentic sushi restaurant. provided this easy to understand beginner’s guide to sushi eating:

beginners guide to eating sushi infographic

Then there’s this awesome infographic for those of you who think you know how to eat sushi, or at least have some minor form of understanding. The infographic explains culture and proper sushi etiquette, going in-depth about wasabi and soy sauce, and explaining how to eat soup and what to have for desert. The folks over at I love created this piece.

what to know about sushi infographic

The third infographic was made by Japan Trend Ranking, explaining sushi terminology and basic Japanese words concerning the food.

Sushi teminology infographic