Artist, designer, co-owner of MaiHiro and all-around cool guy Nakanari will be laying down some of that sweet, sweet truth at the NextDayBetter+ORL event taking place this Saturday, June 13 at Envy Labs in Orlando, Florida. Nakanari will be highlighting his most notable projects (Gibson, Kidrobot, MYX TV) and his personal story of how he shares his artistic passions and inspirations that are drawn from his journey thus far.

Check out our interview with Nakanari from way back when to get some insight on this talented and righteous individual.

NextDayBetter + Orlando
Saturday, June 13 10AM – 3PM
Envy Labs | 618 E Sout St. #620, ORL
RSVP: http://nextdaybetter.com/event/nextdaybetter-orl/2015-06-13/