WARNING: This post contains minor Jurassic World spoilers.


Jurassic World features a brand new dinosaur that makes the T-Rex look like keyboard cat: the Indominus Rex, or I-Rex for short. When the Jurassic World corporate big wigs needed a new and exciting monster to attract new visitors and investors, they turned to genetic modification to create a dinosaur of their own design. As you would expect, things get out of hand, stuff gets wrecked, and people die. While the film drops a few hints as to what sort of DNA was used to create Indominus, one of the hints is a bit more subtle than the rest.

The sexy lady above with the glistening décolletage is the character Claire Dearing played by Bryce Dallas Howard. There’s a moment when she’s explaining the I-Rex to Chris Pratt‘s character and he asks what kind of DNA was used to create it. It only lasts for a split second, but Claire gives a bashful-yet-proud look and does a quick flip of her hair before telling him that it’s classified. There was something so intentional about the acting of this scene along with the Claire’s white lab coat costume design mirroring the white scales of Indominus that lead me to believe that her own DNA was used to create the monster.

Now, this may sound crazy, but I came home and Googled this theory to see if anyone out there could back me up. I found this interesting article explaining how the original plot concept of Jurassic World involved combining human and dinosaur DNA and points to the I-Rex’s opposable thumbs, memory, and intelligence as evidence to support my theory. Claire is a powerful woman with a lot of responsibility who is always in total control. If they were going to use the DNA of any human on site, it would make sense for the scientists to use Claire’s; if you put all of the Jurassic World employees on a food chain, Clair would be on top.

The I-Rex is also a female, which could be interpreted as some sort of metaphor for women being raised to believe in themselves and make their own success, but when they finally reach their potential, they’re attacked and treated like violent, man-eating monsters. Just a theory, but what do I know.

And for absolutely no reason other than it’s freaking awesome, here’s a picture of the Indominus Rex with an explosion behind it.