Who played with action figures as a kid? Pretty much everyone, right? It’s why movies like Toy Story and Small Soldiers resonate with such ubiquitous clarity. With our favorite action figures and we relived our favorite scenes in our favorite cartoons and were the maestro for our own ensemble. But to have them come alive..?
Enter Lonac, a Croatian graffiti artist who turned this fantasy into reality. In a recent “Proljetno Prašenje” graffiti festival in his hometown of Zagreb, Croatia. Lonac created a photorealistic piece juxtaposing his childhood and contemporary pop culture. Known for his surrealist photorealistic murals, the piece, “Where’s my Batman?!” was completed in roughly two weeks and summated in this short message via his blog:

“As a kid I thought my toys came alive when I left the room. Sometimes I would line them up in comfortable positions on my shelf: Spider-Man, Robot Limenko, King Kong, Lego Trooper, T-Rex, Batman and Ninja Turtle. I would memorize that order and their postures then leave the room. As I grew older I realized this was silly… but …wait… Where’s my Batman!?

Here’s a look at “Where’s my Batman?!”








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