Target hooked me up with a giant box of Jurassic World toys and a gift card to buy some more of my choosing to create this gallery of pics that I had a complete blast taking. For those of us who grew up in the 90’s, Jurassic Park was one of the pinnacles of being a kid. Now, 22 years later, Jurassic World has taken over box offices to prove that dinosaurs are still just as cool as they ever were. Combine that and a sweet play session with these rad toys I feel like I’m reliving my childhood. Sure, my knees are a bit creakier than they were the last time I played with dinosaur toys, but the enjoyment I felt all those years ago hasn’t faded one bit.

I hope you and your eyeballs enjoy these pics as much as I enjoyed taking them!


The best thing about toys as a kid is that you can create your own stories using nothing but your imagination and painted bits of plastic.


Now, as an adult with a background in photography and videography, I immediately fell in love with the ability to capture the stories told through toys and freeze them in time, almost as if they were real.

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For the pic below, I had the HARDEST time getting a shot that didn’t have a huge glare over the poor LEGO dude’s face. I think this one came out pretty okay!DSC00408


While I personally enjoyed building and playing with the Raptor Rampage and Dilophosorus Ambush LEGO sets most of all, the official Jurassic World dinosaur figures and Matchbox cars were crazy fun as well and made for some pretty epic shots, if I do say so myself.


Sure, these pictures may look cool, but just imagine what the people in my neighborhood must have though when they walked by and saw a grown man, belly-down in the grass, taking pictures of his dinosaur toys!

DSC00488 DSC00466

The mighty Indominous Rex!!! Check out a theory on this new genetically modified dinosaur here.


And then there’s this awesome foam raptor head puppet which I tried to put on my cats for a pic, but they weren’t having any of it.



While I expected to have fun making these, I in no way anticipated how much I’d fall in love with capturing these fun moments with my toys. I definitely have an itch for it now and kind of want to turn it into some sort of weekly feature here on Albotas. Would you guys and gals be into a regular segment featuring toy photography similar to this? Let us know in the comments along with any name suggestions for what to call it!

Huge thanks to Target for reminding me what it felt like to be a kid!


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  1. Pickle Munkey

    Nice shots! I’m a huge fan of toy photography, I do tons of my it myself. A name that could work for the segment could be Toyography.