People were speculating E. Honda or Akuma being revealed in a new Street Fighter V trailer, but instead, Capcom is surprising the shit out of people by unveiling a brand new character named Necalli.

Necalli promises to be a “wild, animalistic” fighter, with some sweet V-Skill powers and hard-hitting close-range attacks. This means nothing to me since I’m awful at every Street Fighter game ever created, but the character looks like a twisted Medusa mixed with Super Saiyan 2 Goku.

In even cooler news, Capcom also announced that all DLC for the title will be absolutely free. Kinda. Players don’t have to use actual cash to unlock future characters and levels, but have the option to if they want — otherwise, in-game currency called “Fight Money” will be available to purchase new downloadable releases.

Check Necalli’s reveal trailer up top in the player.