Whoa, right?

Lage Manufacturing created an identical gun that shoots and appears exactly as the M-41A Pulse Rifle from Aliens does. You may also want to get one of this seriously hot sight for your rifle! Look at that dude shoot! It’s even got a display to show how much ammo is left.

A combination submachinegun in 9mm and short barreled 12 gauge shotgun designed to resemble the M-41A Pulse Rifle from the movie Aliens.

Submachinegun component is a NFA registered SWD M-11/9 with an Anthony Smith style Suomi upper receiver. Magazine used is a Suomi “Coffin” magazine that holds 50 rounds of 9mm.

Anyway, it’s not for sale so don’t even bother, but you can still watch footage of the gun firing while dreaming of annihilating alien scum while you gawk over this insane creation.