There’s a somewhat ugly wall clock coming out from The Bradford Exchange to help commemorate Pac-Man’s 35th anniversary arcade debut, and it’s an oddly charming piece of work. It’s officially licensed by Namco and uses Pac-Man arcade sounds and lights each hour on the dot — hopefully more delightful than annoying — in addition to wooden tassled versions of Pac-Man and Inky, Blinky, Pinky and Clyde as the clock’s weights. It also stands at nearly two feet tall and costs $200 (limited to 1,000 pieces) as a pre-order.

It’s a bit ugly, but the greatest part about this clock is how old and tacky it looks. It’s not really captivating to see online, but I’d imagine in person it’d look as if it were official Pac-Man merchandise straight from 1980 (aside from the self-aware Pac-Man standing atop the clock). This bleeds vintage.

Check out more photos over at The Bradford Exchange.
Pac-Man Wall Clock