In case you didn’t hear, Math the Band now has a full band with live instruments and they’ve taken on their final form as a group now called Math the Band the Band. Math the Band the Band is prepping the release of their follow-up to last year’s Stupid and Weird, naming their new album The Album. Appropriate.

The coolest part about Math the Band the Band’s new album The Album (other than “Tour de Friends” getting a newer, beautiful rendition) is a cereal the group created specifically for their new record. If you pre-order the record digitally for $10, you also get a Math the Band the Band box of salt flavored breakfast cereal by MeatCo. Intl. How fucking disgusting and awesome is that?

Pre-order The Album digitally right here for $10 and grab the singles “All We Are” and “Tour de Friends” immediately. The Album drops officially October 1, while Math the Band the Band’s cereal “Ouchies” ships the same day.

Math the Band the Band The Album

The Album tracklist:

1. All We Are
2. Not Gonna Fight
3. Jake Says
4. Didn’t have time to think
5. Tour de Friends
7. Why Didn’t You Get a Haircut?
8. Take it Back
9. Four to Six

Math the Band the Band cereal Ouchies