Our awesome friends over at 1up Collectibles let me get my grubby mitts all over the new DC Comics Designer Series Batgirl statue from DC Collectibles based on the character redesign by Cameron Stewart and Babs Tarr (who we interviewed here). I fell in love with the black and white version when it first debuted, but the addition of colors truly take this figure to a whole new level.

The statue itself is around 12 1/2 inches tall and has a decent amount of weight to it. There’s a nice mix of matte and glossy paint throughout and the face seems like it’s not even painted at all — cast in a colored resin, maybe? Whatever it is, it gives it a really awesome skin-like look and texture with light even shining through the ears at certain angles which further enhance the realism. The whole piece strikes a perfect balance of realistic details on a cartoonish, Pixar-esque design.

Like most (maybe all?) DC Collectibles figures, these are limited to 5,200 pieces and will set you back roughly $100 depending where you shop.

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