Ultimate Cutting Board creator Michael Motamedi is a man of many skills. He owns his own restaurant in Toronto as well as Baffi Collection — the wooden men’s accessory line. Now he’s setting his sights on creating a new take on something that has remained more or less unchanged for at least a hundred years.

“I was inspired to create The Ultimate Cutting Board out of my own love of cooking and the realization that the cutting board is the most-used item in the kitchen, and yet remains underdeveloped and under-appreciated,” says Motamedi. “The hope is to produce long-lasting and attractive cutting boards that fill a number of roles for new as well as seasoned cooks.”

Ultimate Cutting Board

The Ultimate Cutting Board features all sorts of bells and whistles to make even the most casual of chefs pine for this wood. (Yup, I totally went there. I regret nothing!) We’re talking a built-in citrus reamer, two little cups for diced whatevs, drawers full of various food preparing gizmos, and the board can even be split into two halves for easy cleaning/storage/serving/+2 resistance to all attacks. Please don’t believe that last bit.

You can currently fund The Ultimate Cutting Board on Kickstarter. Pledge at least $124 USD to get your own, or save $24 with the Early Bird pledge for $100 USD.

You can also pledge $30 and get a rad little magnetic bottle cap openers that catches your caps with the power of magnetic science energies!