Only a little more than a year since the character’s debut, Spider-Gwen has finally been immortalized in action figure form. The Spider-Gwen action figure will be released  in 2016 as part of the first wave of the Marvel Legends Spider-Man series.
marvel legends spider gwen

Gwen comes with a big ol’ wrecking ball which part of of the Build-A-Figure for this series, Absorbing Man. Perfect for recreating that Miley Cyrus video.

marvel legends spider gwen 2

Other action figures in the Marvel Legends Spider-Man series are Spidey, Venom, Morbius, the female Beetle, Speed Demon, and a pretty bad-ass Jack O’ Lantern.

Collect the whole crew to build this handsome devil:

absorbing man

I’m not usually a fan of Marvel Selects or Legends figures, but I’ll definitely be adding Jack and Gwen to my collection, even if the unmasked Gwen’s face sculpt is a little bit on the icky side.