MegaSteakMan drops the ferocious mashup beats with Game of Hyrule, a six-minute short for fans of all things Zelda and Game of Thrones.

There are plenty of sly in-jokes for gamers to chuckle at like cuccoo torture, heart devouring, and such memorable Zelda quotes as “It’s dangerous to go alone” and “It’s a secret to everybody.” For the Game of Thrones fans, there’s the obligatory sex and violence thrown in for good measure.

I highly doubt Nintendo fans would be disappointed if this became an ongoing web series.

Experience the Legend of Zelda as you’ve never seen it before in this live-action, morally-grey fan-film mash­up with Game of Thrones. The Hyrule Kingdom is on the edge of ruin from years of warfare against the Gerudo, but a cruel deal has been set in motion that will change the course of history forever.

[Via Robot6]