StoryBundle is running a pay-what-you-want deal with Boss Fight Books offering 11 digital books from the publisher for only $15. This deal is essential for those yearning for a thought-provoking read dealing with video games.

For those not familiar with Boss Fight Books, the publisher handles video gaming writing similar to the 33⅓ series of music books — one author per video game covered. These books are essays and memoirs that offer critical insight on gaming history and culture.

The books offered in the bundle include:

  • Chrono Trigger by Michael P. Williams
  • Jagged Alliance 2 by Darius Kazemi
  • Super Mario Bros. 2 by Jon Irwin
  • Bible Adventures by Gabe Durham
  • Baldur’s Gate II by Matt Bell
  • EarthBound by Ken Baumann
  • ZZT by Anna Anthropy
  • Galaga by Michael Kimball
  • Metal Gear Solid by Ashly & Anthony Burch
  • Shadow of the Colossus by Nick Suttner
  • Continue? The Boss Fight Books Anthology edited by Gabe Durham

Pay $15 for all of the titles above, or pay-what-you-want for just five of them. Solid deal, either way.

Purchase this over at StoryBundle’s official website, deal ends in one month.