The first trailer for trailer Star Wars: The Last Jedi has officially dropped, and with it, a buttload of questions that will have us all pulling our hair out and pouring over every frame and slice of audio. Why does Luke want to end the Jedi? Why can’t Rey breathe? Why is Poe so damn perfect!? Gahhhh! December 15th can’t come soon enough! We’ll be rewatching all the previous episodes in a marathon to catch up on the storyline so that when it’s released, we’re ready to hit play. Some fans have even said they’ll be waiting up to catch the release. If you don’t have time to rewatch previous ones, you might want to catch some anecdotes to refresh yourself on the storyline. You can find a list of Jedi here to refresh yourself on all of the characters that have turned to the dark side! We can barely contain ourselves in anticipation of the new release.

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