The usually wholesome Nintendo has teamed up with Peach John’s Yummy Mart for a lingerie collection dropping later this month. The set features panties with Kirby’s name written in Japanese smack dab on the crotchety-crotch, a sporty bustier set, a Kirby sleep mask, an adorable pajama set, and… something weird. Just keep scrolling.


Here’s the creme de la creme of the pink creampuff’s sextytime looks. I giant actual Kirby-shaped shirt. Depending on your depravity level (on a scale of Deep Sea to Ozone Layer, mine is currently about 7 galaxies over), this might be a brand new fetish you never knew you had, so yay for that or something!

The Kirby Yummy Mart lingerie collection will be released on April 26 and if someone copped me that round Kirby top I would totally not be mad and maybe even post regular selfies while wearing it.

[Via Polygon]