Let’s face it: not all lunch boxes are attractive. Most lunch boxes are guilty of making the typical co-worker appear like a schoolkid, grasping their Igloo lunch bag around with them as they anxiously head into work. The reality is is that you shouldn’t be embarrassed about your choice of a lunch bag, as it shouldn’t matter if you have custom photo bags or just a simple plain bag, your choice is what makes you who you are. So, whether you’re looking for a casual bag to hold cold food during your weekend commute, or a hefty cooler to bring with you on a camping trip, we’ve compiled some of the raddest lunch boxes, bags and coolers that money can buy. Upgrade your daily carry and get yourself one of these cool lunch boxes, made even cooler with some nice CBD Nutra edibles. If you’re not into bringing your own lunches then that’s fine. Perhaps you prefer to just buy whatever food takes your fancy at the time. This can be expensive, and bringing in your own food could save you money. However, if you don’t have the time for it then you could simple check out something like this cashcoup to help you save money when you buy food at least.

BentoHeaven Leak Proof Bento Box

This bento box by BentoHeaven is minimal, simplistic, and best of all, leak proof. The whole set breaks down into two different containers with separate lids, both sealed tight with silicone bands and topped off with ventilation locks that add to easy re-heating. Each container is perfect for fitting two halves of one meal, or two easy, yet filling meals. The containers hold up to 20 ounces each, they’re BPA-free and handle microwaves fairly well. The wooden lid that tops off this set is packed with reusable plasticware, which includes chopsticks, a fork, knife and spoon. The space is also large enough to fit any napkins or additional small cutlery you’d like to carry alongside this trendy set.

After personally packaging variously sloppy lunches like chili, salads with dressing and stew, I can proudly say BentoHeaven’s leak proof bento box doesn’t provide a hint of a mess. The strap that wraps around the set of containers also provides additional security for your food. Cleaning is simple with this set, as the band can easily be thrown into a load of laundry and each container can simply be washed with a little soap and water. BentoHeaven’s bento box is a solid investment for those wanting a compact way to package your lunch that can easily fit inside of a backpack, or a simple large tote bag.

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PlanetBox Rover

This lunchbox, according to PlanetBox’s official website, is part lunch box and part TV dinner tray. The PlanetBox Rover is definitely a unique container on this list, made entirely of stainless steel and awesome segmented compartments. There’s five little compartments in the Rover that offer just enough space for creativity to count toward your lunch time. The largest space is great for sandwiches, while the other containers are solid for healthier snack options like fruits or raw vegetables. The Rover also comes with two stainless steel containers called the “Little Dipper” and the “Big Dipper”, which are meant to fit inside the lunch tray and hold sauces and dips.

Obviously, this thing isn’t a good idea for a microwave, so the Rover is ideal for those of us who want hearty, cold lunches that can be stocked in a fridge. The PlanetBox Rover is dishwasher safe and free of BPA, phthalates, lead and other dangerous toxins. The stainless steel box is also magnetic, which means you can customize your Rover with sweet magnets if you really want to show off. The Rover retails for $55 on their official site and $80 when bundled together with an awesome carry bag that can hold an ice pack, a water bottle and some utensils. There’s also a five year warranty on this sweet box!

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L.L. Bean Insulated Lunch Bag

This is a classic lunch bag that appears simple on the surface and offers plenty of room on the inside for packing food. It gives off the schoolkid vibe a bit, but it definitely has an unbeatable look about it. This L.L. Bean lunch bag can fit snugly inside of most backpacks, measuring 9½” in height, 7″ in width and 3¾” in diameter. It has a pocket on the inside of its cushioning which offers space for an ice pack or packaged food such as a granola or cereal bar. There’s no crush-proof plastic inside, so this bag is ideal for those who plan on carrying it by its strap or those who plan on stuffing it inside of a backpack. It’s inexpensive and simple, perfect for kids and adults alike.

Buy it now for $20 on L.L. Bean’s official site

Wildkin Lunch Box

A cheaper idea similar to L.L. Bean’s lunch bag comes from Wildkin. This insulated lunch box is simple and the best bang for your buck on this list, providing a classic lunch box look with durable, sturdy fabric. It’s easy to carry, clean and pack! This lunch box is available in a wide variety of colors. Prices vary by the color chosen.

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The “Brown” Bag

If we’re going for the most traditional form of carrying lunch, the brown paper bag would take the cake. However, brown paper bags aren’t really cool in the year 2017. Luckily, Etsy shop Italic Home have reinvented the classic brown paper bag look with this beautiful reusable iteration, simply called The “Brown” Bag. It’s made from waxed canvas and appears as an attractive alternative to the classic paper bag look, providing an eco-friendly option for those who usually use plastic or paper bags to carry their lunch. It’s a sturdy fabric that’s meant to carry lunches of all sorts, but also soft enough to roll up and carry around in your jean pocket when empty. Each bag is made to order using paraffin, wax, beeswax, cotton, canvas and cotton duck. They’re also waterproof and come in a few different colors.

Buy it now for $20 on Etsy

Takenaka Expanded Double Bento Box

This Japanese bento box by Takenaka is perhaps the simplest and biggest bento box on this list. Its plastic appearance is unlike those of BentoHeaven and Monbento — the later are finished in matte while this box is more protective and wary of scratches. This version of Takenaka bento box is the “expanded” double box, which offers way more space than its traditional bento. The top compartment holds twice as much food as its bottom container, offering a gracious amount of volume for large salads or any foods that may need air to breathe.

Just under the huge top part is a lid that holds a plastic reuseable fork. Each lid is held together with a silicone band which pushes all air out and helps prevent leakage. The bottom container is fitting for lighter snacks as fruits or vegetables. It also has a neat little divider to separate your edibles! While the Takenaka bento isn’t as attractive as other boxes we’ve seen, it’s perhaps the most useful for carrying the most amount of food while also being able to fit snugly inside of a backpack or tote.

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Compleat Foodskin

Definitely the strangest concept for a lunch box or bag we’ve seen thus far, Compleat’s Foodskin is an innovative device that holds sandwiches firmly inside of an elastic silicone skin. It’s completely flat when it’s empty and it opens up like a clasp wallet. Just put your sandwich inside of the skin and close the device to walk around with a trendy lunch bag literally made to look like an oddly-shaped tablet case. This thing is pretty neat and funny to describe, but it’s a durable, leakproof piece of lunch technology that will attract the eyes of any peer who sees it.

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Hango Insulated Lunch Box (Set)

The Hango Insulated Lunch Box comes in packs of two for an unbeatable price. The larger bag can fit a hefty meal or two, or six cans of soda/beer. The smaller bag can hold fruits or a few granola bars for a nice small snack. These bags come with a lifetime guarantee (seriously), easy to clean thermal insulation, a stainless steel zipper that’s certainly durable and a sleek, simple design. There aren’t a ton of neat pockets on the inside, but this bag is trendy enough to not warrant any. Hango offers no hassle with ugly logos, unnecessary compartments and tacky additions to a simple device meant solely to carry food.

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Stanley Classic Lunch Box

Nothing says you’re a durable American hardass quite like Stanley. The colorway pictured up top is even called “Hammertone Navy”, enforcing its role as one of the nation’s leading heavy-duty outdoor suppliers. These things are built for life, and the Stanley Classic Lunch Box will certainly last a lifetime with its 0.6mm SPCD steel hardshell. It’s 10 quarts big and can take more than a few kicks to the face. There isn’t any insulation or useful compartments to it, but you can rest assured that your lunch is well protected.

Buy it now for $34 on Stanley’s official website

Black+Blum Lunch Pot

If you’re not a fan of the bento box style of lunch packing, you might find Black+Blum’s Lunch Pot to be appealing. The lunch pot is the same concept as a bento, but the shape is in a cylinder instead of a rectangle. Imagine stacking two mugs on top of each other and having each compartment BPA-free and microwave safe. It has a solid seal to it to prevent leaks and includes a reuseable spork and carry strap for extra convenience.

Buy it now for $25 on Amazon

Monbento Bento Box

Another attractive bento box on this list comes from Japanese company Monbento. This bento box is full of space, perfect for packing two different meals or two halves of one big meal. The design of Monbento’s bento box is sleek and eye-catching, especially with the wide array of colors available (matcha color pictured above). The two compartments are spacious, with one of the two compartments including a cool divider for sauce or dressing options. These bento boxes are BPA-free, microwave and dishwasher safe. They’re also airtight and food grade.

Buy it now for $32 on Amazon

Three-in-One ECOlunchbox

The ECOlunchbox is an attractive stainless steel way to pack a small meal when you’re on the go. It’s a small set that holds two containers, perfect for a sandwich to fit in one compartment and a wet or dry side item in the other. It’s compact and neat, like a sexy pack of Altoids that can hold your lunchtime munchies. The ECOlunchbox Three-In-One isn’t leak proof, but it surely is one of the more attractive bento options available.

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Polar Bear Nylon 12-Pack Soft Cooler

This cooler is the ultimate package for a picnic for four people or a fishing trip with a gang of friends. Polar Bear’s 12-pack soft cooler is strong thanks to its heavy-duty 1000-Denier Nylon outer shell. It’s also waterproof and super thick, housing high-density foam for amazing insulation. It’s light enough for everyday use and durable enough to last for at least a decade. Carry 12 cans of beer or soda in this bag or simply stuff it with a load of food.

Buy it now for $65 on Polar Bear’s official website