Commuting to work in a big city is the easiest it’s ever been. People have so many different options and they keep getting smarter. They could choose to use a scooter, electric bike, or even an electric unicycle! As you can see from this recent 2020 list, the unicycles are becoming a very sleek and have an amazing battery life. And now, there’s a new addition to the scooter world as commuters have a new, smart option for when they travel.

Meet MYLO, an electric three-wheel scooter that can fold up in a single second for easy transport. On a single charge, you can ride up to 15 miles, but there’s an optional battery upgrade available to double your cruise time.

The Seatle-based team behind MYLO recently launched an Indiegogo to put the bike into mass production. Go support it if you want to live in a world where we get to ride cool scooters that look like Tony Stark made them while lowering our carbon footprint.

To be honest, I have always wanted to own an electric scooter, but the need to keep it charged has held me back. I could choose to get a home EV charging station installed in the house by experts like SALT Light & Electric or similar service providers. It might just reduce my soaring gas bills and also be a boon to the planet! That said, although it might be more environmentally friendly as opposed to a gas-powered device, I would be worried that constantly charging an electric scooter would cause my electricity bills to soar.

However, I suppose if I did notice a significant increase in my electricity bills, I could always switch energy providers. A friend of mine recently switched energy providers after checking out the best electricity rate chart so I might have to ask for him some advice to see whether I could potentially make a saving too. If it turns out that I can, then who knows, maybe buying an electric scooter could be in my future?

For now though, here’s a quick rundown of MYLO’s specs:

  • Hydraulic Brakes

  • Front Rotors 145mm

  • Back Rotor 160mm

  • Tire size 14×2.125

  • Top Speed 18mph

  • 3 power levels

  • Motor 250w

  • Battery 36v lithium ion

  • Range: one battery 15miles

  • Range: two batteries 30miles (optional $200 upgrade)

  • Front and rear lights

  • Folds and unfolds in one second

  • weight is about 46 pounds

  • Horn

  • Folded dimensions 15x20x41

It even has a horn, guys. And lights!

I recently moved to a big city and left my car back home like a dingus. Since I’m too lazy to care/deal with it, I’ve been looking into picking up a cheap scooter, so I would definitely see myself using MYLO like this on the reg. As a starving artist cliche, I feel like MYLO could really help round out my quirky image, ya’ know?

If anyone wants to start a MYLO biker gang, I’m totally down as long as I get to design our jackets.

Click here to check MYLO out on Indiegogo.