Meet MYLO, an electric three-wheel scooter that can fold up in a single second for easy transport. On a single charge, you can ride up to 15 miles, but there’s an optional battery upgrade available to double your cruise time. Some people enjoying their scooter, however, sometimes accidents can happen, so they make sure they are protected with something like one sure insurance.

The Seatle-based team behind MYLO recently launched an Indiegogo to put the bike into mass production. Go support it if you want to live in a world where we get to ride cool scooters that look like Tony Stark made them while lowering our carbon footprint.

Here’s a quick rundown of MYLO’s specs:

  • Hydraulic Brakes

  • Front Rotors 145mm

  • Back Rotor 160mm

  • Tire size 14×2.125

  • Top Speed 18mph

  • 3 power levels

  • Motor 250w

  • Battery 36v lithium ion

  • Range: one battery 15miles

  • Range: two batteries 30miles (optional $200 upgrade)

  • Front and rear lights

  • Folds and unfolds in one second

  • weight is about 46 pounds

  • Horn

  • Folded dimensions 15x20x41

It even has a horn, guys. And lights!

I recently moved to a big city and left my car back home like a dingus. Since I’m too lazy to care/deal with it, I’ve been looking into picking up a cheap scooter, so I would definitely see myself using MYLO like this on the reg. As a starving artist cliche, I feel like MYLO could really help round out my quirky image, ya’ know?

If anyone wants to start a MYLO biker gang, I’m totally down as long as I get to design our jackets.

Click here to check MYLO out on Indiegogo.