You kids with your new-fangled apps like D&D Beyond. Back in my day, we filled in our character sheets with a trusty No. 2 and kids paid me $5 a pop to draw their characters. And maybe I’m just a weirdo, but keeping a D&D binder filled with reference, lore, and sketches of my characters always seemed to add to the overall fun that is the Dungeons & Dragons Experience. Clearly, others agree.

New Orleans based Cartoonist, illustrator, and print maker Luke Howard whipped up his own D&D Character Book that has everything your party needs for an epic adventure including quick reference tips for 5th Edition.

It’s sold out at the time of this writing (probably ’cause it got Kotaku’d), so keep an eye out for a restock. In the meantime, check out Luke’s shop for some other cool stuff including comics, prints, and this cool patch.