Akira Toriyama is a legend among illustrators, concept artists, comics & manga fans alike. He blends his one-of-a-kind art style with stories & worlds that take you somewhere you’ve never been before.

Like, check out that pic up top. Now, I consider myself someone who consumes unhealthily vast amount of media. Sure, you could argue that Star Wars already did the “hovercar on a farm” thing, but Toriyama’s uses his style to reshape previously-established concepts into something that is truly and wholly unique. So, while we we’ve likely seen multitudes of sci-fi farmland over a lifetime of escapist binging, we’ve never quite seen them like this.

Simply put, Akira Toriyama creates worlds that we want to see more of.

“In 2005, Bird Studio designed an original electric car, the QVolt. Only nine copies of the car exist in the world, but numerous QVolt figurines are sold in Japan.” (Via Dragonball Updates)

While he’s most well-known in the states for his work on Dragon Ball, Chrono Trigger, and Dragon Quest (to name a few), it’s his signature style that makes his work instantly-recognizable. Even if you don’t know who drew it, you know you’ve seen that face before.

All artists strive for an identifiable voice. Pulling a fully fleshed-out world from your imagination with just a pencil is no easy feat and the Dragon Ball creator makes it seem effortless. The fact that he also does it while making it exclusively identifiable is awe-inspiring.

Almost as iconic as his characters are some of Akira’s technical designs, as Zimmert points out. The vehicles in his art all have a certain “thing” about them that makes them stand out while also feeling like a grounded part of the world that they live in. Just check out the truck below based on a custom Mercedes pickup. The IRL version was made for a brief period in the 80’s and retired before ever being put into mass production.

Pretty cool stuff! If you’re at all interested in anime, manga, art, illustration, concept design, or Toriyama’s work in general, I’d highly suggest you give the full article over on Zimmerit.com and be sure to check out their other articles for some cool anime throwback stuff too!