Gamers have known it for years: if there’s any single Hollywood actor who should play Nathan Drake in a feature film based on the Uncharted video game series, it’s Nathan Fillion. Not only do they share a first name, but they bear a resemblance so uncanny that I’d be hard-pressed to believe the Concept Artists over at Naughty Dog weren’t at least a little inspired by everyone’s favorite Bounty Hunter Space Captain.

Some fans became so attached to this idea that one fan even approached director David O. Russel back in 2010 to throw Fillion’s hat into the ring, so to speak. Russel, was attached to the official film version at the time. The film has been drifting through the nine circles of development hell.

Well, it’s eight years later. We’ve had three new Uncharted games in the main series since then, not counting mobile spinoffs. Still no movie. Until now. Sort of.

Nathan Fillion himself (along with director Allan Ungar and an amazing crew) put together a 15-minute Uncharted fan film. It hits all the beats that fans are familiar with: cool history stuff, ships, treasure, criminal organizations, sarcastic quips, and even over-the-shoulder shootouts.

Check it out below. Hopefully Fillion and Co. make more of these. Or, you know, Hollywood could give us what we’ve all been wanting for years already.