ALBOTAS is proud to present the promising first episode of Visual Queue, a new podcast focused on the constant, and sometimes impulsive consumption of visual mediums. Hosted by Kevin Cortez and Sydney Freeman, the show serves as a media journal for each host to discuss the films, television shows, books, magazines, and video games they’ve consumed within their week. VQ also serves up a weekly dose of recommendations, as well as a social and informal dissection of media within the visual arts. Time is no issue with anything discussed on VQ – no film too old, no game too stale, no book too topical. With that in mind, VQ aims to disrupt the internet’s need to call attention toward buzz worthy topics, and instead focuses on the way we actually consume media: through each host’s impulses, word of mouth, one-degree of association, and staying in tune with the arts.

In the first episode of Visual Queue, Kevin talks HBO’s smoker television character study show High Maintenance, Spike Jonze’s dystopian technology film Her, Terry Gilliam’s visually trippy Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas, and Bandai Namco’s Pac-man Championship Edition 2. Sydney talks Hulu’s latest Stephen King television endeavor Castle Rock and his time playing Hollow Knight for the Nintendo Switch.

0:33 Intro
4:45 High Maintenance
9:37 Castle Rock
14:00 Watching TV shows instead of movies
18:00 Her
23:08 Joaquin Phoenix’s forehead*
23:24 Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas
28:55 Pac-man Championship Edition 2/Pac-Man 256
34:40 Hollow Knight
43:00 Outro