ALBOTAS is proud to present the promising first episode of Visual Queue, a new podcast focused on the constant, and sometimes impulsive consumption of visual mediums. Hosted by Kevin Cortez and Sydney Freeman, the show serves as a media journal for each host to discuss the films, television shows, books, magazines, and video games they’ve consumed within their week. VQ also serves up a weekly dose of recommendations, as well as a social and informal dissection of media within the visual arts. Time is no issue with anything discussed on VQ – no film too old, no game too stale, no book too topical. With that in mind, VQ aims to disrupt the internet’s need to call attention toward buzz worthy topics, and instead focuses on the way we actually consume media: through each host’s impulses, word of mouth, one-degree of association, and staying in tune with the arts.

Visual Queue’s microphone problem is kinda fixed with our fantastic and truly greatest episode yet, episode two. In this episode, Sydney and Kevin discuss what they’ve been into within the last seven days with hardly any echos involved. We plan an upcoming episode #5 based entirely on Fargo, Kevin talks Hulu’s Minding the Gap directed by Bing Liu, Sydney talks playing the Motion Twin developed Metroidvania Dead Cells for his Nintendo Switch, Kevin talks his New 2DS XL and playing Shovel Knight, Sydney discusses watching the first few episodes of High Maintenance while Kevin talks the first two of Castle Rock, Sydney talks HBO’s Sharp Objects and Kevin talks how Brawl in Cell Block 99 is a Whitesploitation film.

1:55 Sydney and Kevin plan an entire episode on Fargo.
3:20 Kevin talks about his WiFi problem at work
5:04 Kevin talks Hulu’s skateboard/domestic abuse documentary, Minding the Gap
9:55 Sydney talks Dead Cells
19:00 Kevin talks The New 2DS XL, Shovel Knight
26:09 Deciding what to play next on 3DS
35:14 Sydney watched High Maintenance for the first time
40:40 Kevin talks Castle Rock
47:02 Sydney talks HBO’s Sharp Objects
53:47 Kevin watches Brawl in Cell Block 99