As a way of helping those who are currently stuck working from home feel like they’re in an office environment, Panasonic of Japan is now manufacturing DIY office cubicles for your home. The super stylish Komoru cubicle comes from Panasonic’s housing systems business, which also produces furniture, toilets, kitchens and other furnishings, similar to an IKEA, and will cost 88,000 yen, or roughly $835.

The idea behind the Komoru is to create a private cubicle inside of your home, sectioning off about 10 square feet of a room for your own personal office space. The walls create privacy so you can focus on work and station yourself securely with a chair behind the cubicle’s built-in wall. It helps to have a designated work space, and this definitely creates an illusion of office space. This could be the perfect thing for separating work from relaxation in these trying times. The coolest part about the cubicle’s design is the various pegs/holes, which offer a ton of customization for decorating your space and surrounding yourself in inspiration, be that in investing in Custom Neon lights to look amazing behind you (or to look at in front of you) or to have a more natural vibe. You could even, if you want, set up a bunch of lighting to capture your best Zoom face.

Of course this might only be available for Japan at the moment, but importers might have luck nabbing one at Panasonic’s official website.

[Via Spoon-Tamago]

Top image credit: The Lighting Judge