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Save the Mr. Saturn Fish!

Aww, poor little Blobfish. It’s facing extinction. Someone should get Ness on that. Someone should also get people to be more careful when fishing for lobster and crab. ... Read More...
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Scott Pilgrim Sprite GIFs? Oh My!

Oh yes. These are just too adorable to pass up. Paul Robertson, the genius behind the sprites of Scott Pilgrim vs. the World: The Game (review here, yo), has posted a heap of the original art on his LiveJourna... Read More...
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Advanced Dunnies and Dragons

Kidrobot boardie WeirdForceOne has a really freakin’ cool 36 piece set of 3” Dunnys done up as various characters from D&D (Plus one D20). You can order blind-boxes for $40, which I would recommend doing ... Read More...