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Oskunk Hits The Streets Of Paris With Geek Graffiti

French artist Oskunk is best known for customizing video game consoles and creating masterful graffiti-inspired typographic works of geek art. He recently decorated the streets of Paris with everything from Stromtroopers and Goku to Iron Man and Skeletor. C... Read More...

The Everyday Life of Darth Vader

The Dark Lord looks just as badass brushing his teeth as he does when he's Force-choking a fool in this hilarious photo series.

Daily Graffiti: Mega Man Powered Up Edition

The hyper cute version of the Blue Bomber from Mega Man: Powered Up for the PSP will always be my favorite. Someone else must have felt the same way because they tagged it up on a wall somewhere in Chicago.   If you spot any cool geeky graffiti ... Read More...