Maré Odomo Has A Book And You Should Buy It

Seriously. You totally should. If you’re wondering why, just Google “Letters To An Absent Father.”


Hi guyssss.

I’m selling a phone-friendly PDF, collecting 200 pages of comics and drawings from 2010-2012, to raise money for my web hosting.

Contains comics about video games, girls, and junk food and noodles. And nature and going home and cute little kids~

Drawn in Seattle, San Jose, San Francisco, LA, New York, and the Baltimore/DC area. Probably some other places too.

200 pages for $10 = 5 cents per page. That’s not bad, right?

HIGHLY recommend that you read this on your phone, on a bus, on a cold day, with coffee in your other hand. Or in bed, under the covers, when you can’t fall sleep. Third option: The Bathroom, while you’re doin’ stuff.

Buy here!

Paypal here!

Thank you <3

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