MegaCon 2013: Huge Success

I spent my entire weekend attending this year’s biggest/bestest Florida multi-genre convention, MegaCon, and I’m broke, exhausted, and super happy. MegaCon is the place to be for sci-fi, anime, comic book, fantasy, and gaming communities to meet up, hang out, see celebrities, spend money, and have fun. This year’s event was absolutely nothing short of spectacular.

Previous years have seen celebrities like Stan Lee and William Shatner come out and meet with con guests, but this year’s convention was the ultimate package. Folks had the opportunity to meet the entire original Star Trek: The Next Generation cast, including Patrick Stewart, Michael Dorn, and Will Wheaton. Voice actors Tara Strong and Vic Mignogna, comic book illustrator/writers Frank Cho, George Perez, Neal Adams, Clay Mann, and Steve McNiven, and star of the original Incredible Hulk television series Lou Ferrigno, were also in attendance, among other handfuls of guests and stars.

The real attraction here are the fans themselves — I saw some of the greatest cosplays I’ve ever laid eyes on over the past three days (we’ll be posting those photos later). A big sense of community was felt throughout the convention, even if some of that community were a tad bit irritating to walk by in a crowded dealer’s room. I attended a few panels (in which were very well put together and executed), purchased goods I’ve had an eye on, met new artists and creative people in the Artist Alley, talked with strangers about a favorite heroes and comic titles, and locked eyes with some celebrities I’d never thought I’d see. 

Seriously, MegaCon is one of the best conventions you can attend in the south of the nation. Florida has something special here. If you missed out this year, you have truly missed out on a fantastic time.

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