Bungie Knows About Their Meme, Guys

If you haven’t seen the image already, at the very top of this post is how the Bungie team stood during their PlayStation 4 conference announcement. Very awkwardly, they stood there, hands avoiding pockets and eyes staring directly into the crowd.

Of course, the Internet couldn’t let that slide, so it kind of became a meme pretty fast. I saw Twitter explode with laughter and found this image that made the entire conference worth watching.

The last image in this photoset is of the full actual Bungie team, poking fun at the Sony conference’s meme. That’s the entire team dressed in blazers in a wallpaper sized image. Kudos to them for being able to laugh at the entire situation. The image was posted on their official website.

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The PlayStation 4: Some Things You Need to Know

Alright, normally I’d make a post like this a little more in-depth, blunt, and I guess professional, but there’s a lot to cover. I’m going to pretty much wing this and write about what I saw from watching the live stream of the conference, as well what was exactly shown from tonight’s Sony press event, in which the PlayStation 4 was officially revealed.

If you want to watch the entire two hour conference, I haven’t found a link to a full video yet. You can definitely catch bits and pieces from the event in clips on multiple websites, like GT.TV.

So the conference opened up with a really loud intro in which Sony chose to give a short trailer to showcase their past generations of gaming. They used MSTRKRFT’s remix of Metric’s “Monster Hospital,” and I really like that song, so I paid attention. After the trailer, some boring guy got on stage and was like “Blahblahblahblahblahblah, thanks for coming out here. Here’s our PLAYSTATION 4!” Then everyone clapped because some people in the audience thought they actually wouldn’t fucking call it a PlayStation and they would call it an “Orbis.” 

(And by the way, if you’re still calling the PlayStation 4 the “Orbis,” and you’re blogging/writing for a gaming site, please get away from your keyboard and go outside or something. We have an official name for it. Motherfuckers don’t call Gamecubes “Dolphins,” so why you wanna call a PS4 an “Orbis,” still?)

Anyway, then some other guy who worked on some old games for the Atari and helped make Earthworm Jim or something started talking for a long time. Then he explained what’s new with the PlayStation 4, feature wise. The "share," button was explained, and it was revealed that gamers can now instantly post screenshots and video clips directly into Facebook or somewhere on the Internet. Sony’s actually working with Facebook and UStream, actually. Or something like that. The controller has a touch screen, but we’ve known that for a bit thanks to numerous rumors from the Internet.

The PS4’s camera will allow players to look at each other while playing a game. Different games, same game, etc. You can look at each other, spectate, talk shit, and you can even stream yourself. Pretty much instantly. There’s a pic of that in the image dump up top.

The console is NOT backwards compatible (physically, I guess?) but you will be able to play PS1, PS2, and PS3 games on your system by streaming. Downloads can now be completed when your system is off, which is an extremely cool feature. Games you buy are available to play ASAP. If you want to play Killzone, you can purchase it and literally start it up and begin playing with the game being downloaded while you’re still in-game. Also, there’s a lot to do with clouds. You can transfer games to your Vita, much like Wii U and its controller.

Some other people talked and games were shown. There’s a new Killzone, some other game with some robot in it that looked like a Dreamworks film, and Square-Enix came on stage to show some video too. Then Square-Enix invited grandpa/Final Fantasy board director on stage to say “Hey guys, wanna know what Final Fantasy game we’re making NOW? Too fucking bad, you’ll see it at E3!” Then he got off stage and some other shit was shown. I don’t remember. There was a car game that seemed overly detailed and extremely realistic, but I don’t like cars to begin with so I kind of blocked that out. Oh, and Infamous.

What I do remember, game wise, was Watch Dogs. That game looks incredible. Here’s a trailer of that. Highly suggest watching it if you wanna see what’s on some next-level shit right now. It’s also coming to multiple platforms, but it’s releasing on PS4 first.

Then Sony said “Hey, you remember when we made this?” and then showed off the PlayStation Move. And then I left the room to make a sandwich and watch my girlfriend play Dead Space 2 for a little bit, so I missed a big chunk of it. It was boring though, I’m sure.

Then Blizzard came out! And whoever spoke for Blizzard looked like a really cool step-dad or something, so I really paid attention to him. He was seriously the Tony Stark of Sony tonight, looking real comfortable and making jokes people had genuine laughs with.

Then this motherfucker announced that Diablo III was coming to PlayStation 4 (AND PS3) and every superior PC gamer in the world lost their fucking minds.

Then Bungie came out and said “Hey guys, Destiny is coming out on PS4, too.” Then this team from Bungie came out and stood there in blazers, looked real odd for a while, and then Scotty beamed their awkward asses up so Sony could close the event.

And that was it, for the most part. I’ve linked this post with a bunch of articles to further explain what I can’t right now. There’s loads of photos, videos, etc, so check them out. There’s bits I missed out on, but I’m okay with that. That’s pretty much what happened. I was kind of struggling to not fall asleep.

What we still don’t know is what Sony will price this thing at, what the actual console looks like, and what else is in store for the console. We know it’s out this holiday season, though. Maybe more will be revealed at E3, perhaps?


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Bungie’s New Game, Destiny

Okay, let’s be real here, no gaming publisher or developer invites me to any press event ever. Every gaming blog/website in the U.S. queued up posts to publish at exactly 1 PM today to talk about Bungie’s new title called Destiny, and we’re not one of those blogs. But if you do want to read about Bungie’s new adventure/action/FPS title, I suggest reading them from:

They all essentially are saying the same things, so read up and become excited. Maybe one day we’ll spill the beans on a new I.P.

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