AWESOME Street Fighter III Fan Film Trailer

Artist Victor Hugo Queiroz has created this amazingly awesome Street Fighter fan film called¬†Street Fighter III - Fuurinkazan. Up top is a trailer for what he’s been working on for the last couple of years, which shows Ryu fighting Hugo, with a special guest appearance at the end of the footage. Super awesome footage.

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Albotas Checks out Street Fighter x Tekken (NYCC 2011)

I really wanted to play this game, but just look at that waiting line. It isn’t even a waiting line. It’s a waiting angry mob. At least we got to check out some gameplay of Hugo and Poison, who haven’t been playable Street Fighter characters in a long time.

Famed artist Baptiste Gaubert, aka “GOBI,” creator to such comics such as “Lucha Libre" and "zBlueCops" recently took it upon himself to reimagine what some Street Fighter characters might’ve looked like as those of the female persuasion.

So we have Hakan from Super Street Fighter IV, Hugo & Poison from Final Fight/Street Fighter III (while answering that age old question: Is Poison really a girl or guy?), and Necro & Oro also from Street Fighter III.

GOBI's take on Oro scares me though (her with them half-nekkid, Amazon tribeswoman, pepperoni nips!)

[via GOBI]

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