These Cave Story Art Prints Are Adorably Awesome

Artist and designer Baz Pringle pays tribute to one of the most important and iconic indie games of the past decade with two awesome prints featuring Quote, the games robotic hero, and Sue, a member of the bunny-like Mimiga race.

For those not familiar, Cave Story is the epic retro sidescrolling action RPG in the vein as games like Metroid and Castlevania. The whole game - story, art, music, everything - was developed by one man: Daisuke Amaya, more widely known as Pixel.

Originally released as a freeware PC game in 2005, Cave Story was eventually ported to WiiWare, DSi, and Steam with updated music and graphics. There’s also a version for 3DS with enhanced 3D graphics as opposed to the flat 2D look of prior versions.

It takes a special kind of game to float around for free on the internet for a few years before being upgraded, repackaged, and sold all kinds of different ways and STILL have people buy it.

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Buy: Cave Story 3D

The Geektastically Awesome Art Of Baz Pringle

Baz Pringle is a British artist born in London who currently resides in southern California. Primarily a commercial designer, Pringle has been a 2D Production Artist on video games for Virgin Interactive and 2D/2D Production Artist for goliath brands such as Sony, Universal, BBC, Disney, T-Mobile, Motorola, EA, Mattel, and Warner Brothers.

He also has some personal work that’s just as off-the-walls bananas as his professional stuff. Drawing inspiration from all aspects of pop culture and applying both digital and hand drawn elements to his pieces, the world of geekdom has never looked more awesome!

You can check out more of Baz Pringle’s amazing work over on his personal siteĀ graffika66.

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