Cosplay Monday: MegaCon Edition

Excuse the big image drop, but I took a tremendous amount of photos this weekend at MegaCon. I might make a couple of posts today with different cosplays I snagged pictures of. I’ve got too many good ones to hold off on. I can’t upload everything I took a picture of either, guys — there’s just too many to upload.

I actually didn’t get anyone’s info if they were a regular cosplayer, so if you know someone here or if you are actually someone pictured above, drop me an email at cortez (at) albotas (dot) com so I can link you.

Also, fuck. That Black Panther cosplay family is so well done. When I saw that in person, it was surreal. The photo does it absolutely no justice.

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The Geektastically Awesome Art Of Baz Pringle

Baz Pringle is a British artist born in London who currently resides in southern California. Primarily a commercial designer, Pringle has been a 2D Production Artist on video games for Virgin Interactive and 2D/2D Production Artist for goliath brands such as Sony, Universal, BBC, Disney, T-Mobile, Motorola, EA, Mattel, and Warner Brothers.

He also has some personal work that’s just as off-the-walls bananas as his professional stuff. Drawing inspiration from all aspects of pop culture and applying both digital and hand drawn elements to his pieces, the world of geekdom has never looked more awesome!

You can check out more of Baz Pringle’s amazing work over on his personal site graffika66.

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