Here’s the first footage of Bradley Cooper voicing Rocket Raccoon in Marvel’s Guardians of the Galaxy. (UPDATE: My bad, actually THIS is the first footage. Thanks to nukaraxyn for calling out my shenanigans!) It’s kind of hard to form an opinion since all he only says two words. Hopefully they show more in the new trailer set to hit the Internets on Monday.

Ryan Gosling Robbing Banks On A Motorcycle: The Movie [TRAILER]

Here’s the trailer for A Place Beyond The Pines starring Ryan Gossling as slightly more chaotically desperate version of his character in Drive, Bradley Cooper, and Eva Mendes somehow looking 10 years younger. It also has that chick who sang the song about her asshole in Get Him To The Greek and how many freaking times has Ray Liotta played a cop in his career? Seriously, I’m pretty sure Bee Movie was probably the only time he played someone who wasn’t a cop.

I know it’s only two days into 2013, but “if you ride like lightning, you’re gonna’ crash like thunder” is up in the running for most memorable quote of the year from a movie trailer.

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