Two New Customs from Rotobox

Rotobox have just released two new killer customs. The first is a Celsius version of Spider-Man 2099 which has an awesome metallic blue paint job and fierce arm stabbies. The second is another Qee version of Voltron. At first glance it’s pretty similar to Rotobox’s previous take on Voltron, but check it out and you’ll see some great new details, especially the logo on his lion belly.

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Two New Customs from Rotobox

This Mazinger Z Qee customized by Rotobox is too cool for school. It’s coming oh-so-close to replacing their Voltron custom as my favorite Qee.

The Celsius custom is Juohmaru from Plawres Sanshiro, a manga from the ’80s about action figures that wrestled. These are actually still available. They’re $340 from Rotobox and are limited to three editions.

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