Two New Blindbox Series from tokidoki

tokidoki just dropped two new series of bindboxes today. The first is Unicorno Series 2, which has eleven new characters. These new designs are awesome, especially the Dia de los Muertos one.

The second is the Donutella and Her Sweet Friends series of mini plushies. There are eight characters than stand about four inches tall. Super cute!

Get a Unicorno Series 2 blindbox here for $8 or a Donutella blindbox here for $10.

A Little Bit on the We-Called-It Side: A little over a month ago, we discovered an image of a plush tokidoki Kaiju floating around the Internet. Today it’s official, as are Stellina and Donutella plushes. They’re all made of fleece and love. They’re $20 each from tokidoki.

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