Here’s A Look At The Upcoming “Revolution” DLC For BLack Ops II

Four new multiplayer maps, a new zombies co-op map and game mode, and a new gun, the Peacekeeper SMG, landing first on Xbox 360 on 1/29/13 and then on PS3 sometime in February.

Gotham City Impostors 2D Animated Trailer

Here’s a new trailer for Gotham City Impostors, that downloadable multiplayer FPS set in Gotham City. If you’re looking for actual gameplay footage, check out this trailer right here.


'Syndicate' Renews My Faith in FPS Games

The FPS genre and I don’t get along well. I love games like Doom, Time Splitters, F.E.A.R., and even Halo, but the FPS scene has become an oversaturated, Madden-esque brofest as of late.

Enter Syndicate, a reboot of an old RTS franchise from the 90’s, this new entry is being helmed by Starbreeze - the same dudes who did the Riddick games and The Darkness.

While it’s easy to be skeptical, this is definitely one title to keep on your radar.

Syndicate drops February 21, 2012.


Peep the reveal trailer for Serious Sam 3 BFE. Move over Duke, Sam’s back. 

No cover, all man, 100% on the awesome side.

Announcement Trailer for Dead Island - The Saddest Looking Zombie Game Ever. Watch as a helpless little girl gets killed by zombies in front of her mother and father who can’t do a thing about it. Dead Island is clearly a game looking to tug at your heart strings.

Set on a tropical island resort, this first person survival horror game will have you levelling up your weapon skills fighting off hordes of the undead with whatever weapons you can get your hands on. Better conserve your ammo because we hear guns are scarce on Dead Island.

Check out IGN UK for more screens and info.

Big thanks to Tense for the tip!

Check out this video from Primal Carnage, a game in development from indie studio Lukewarm Media. Think of it as Left 4 Dead, but with dinosaurs instead of zombies. The game’s class-based multiplayer seems more akin to systems found in traditional MMOs, but is played like an FPS. TF2 without hats and the red team replaced with Tyrannosaurs and Velociraptors, I guess.

[via Rock Paper Shotgun]


Killzone 3 Story Trailer.

Looks like the latest upcoming installment to the Killzone franchise ups the production value tenfold compared to its predecessor. I can barely remember what happened in the first two Killzone games aside from shooting a bunch of Hellghast, so hopefully the story will be a bit more memorable this time around.

Or maybe it was just the music in this trailer that got me. The soundtrack by composer Joris de Man is amazing. You could put that music in the background of Jersey Shore and it’d probably win an Emmy for best outstanding drama.

Killzone 3 hits the PS3 on February 22nd. Pre-order it from Play-Asia (regular edition, Helghast edition pre-orders opening soon) or Amazon (regular edition, Helghast edition).

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